What is the VitaVore Diet and How Does it Work?

For 20+ years, I’ve helped people through wellness programs — detoxifying, working to normalize their weight, and control lifestyle diseases that were afflicting them. I watched these people try almost every diet that was out there on the market — low carb, high carb, vegan, vegetarian, Atkins, Keto. Any diet that you can imagine, we had people try it because they were looking for something to get them better results than what they had been getting prior to that, and I just watched them fail again, and again, and again.

Most Diets Are Abusive Dietary Practices, Designed to Fail

By the way, this isn’t an uncommon thing for people to start diets and fail on them. In fact, this is a sobering statistic, but it’s a statistic that is true. The average American woman begins eight diets a year. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s more than once every other month, the average American woman is starting a diet and searching for something that will get them to a better place in their health than where they currently are. These women start new diets because the ones that they’ve tried in the past aren’t working for them.

The reason why most diets fail people is that they’ve only been designed to be very marketable. It’s a really catchy fad and gimmick sales process to come out and say, “if you ever eat this, it’s going to kill you.” Right? And I know that sounds hyperbole and funny, but watch the ads for all these diets, and that’s exactly what marketers are doing — they’re out there trying to scare you with something.

You can probably back me up based on your personal experience because these diets are based on gimmicks, fads, or having a great marketing story rather than really trying to genuinely support your health and well-being. They’re built to fail because they were never designed to work in harmony with your body and move you towards better health and well-being. And that’s really all that we want to do — move you to a better place in wellness and all the quick fixes, all the fads, all the gimmicks. None of them will get you to a truly better place of well-being.

Designing A Diet That’s Built to Work in Harmony With the Human Body

The genesis of VitaVore really came from frustration and repeated heartbreak, if I’m being absolutely honest on it. After feeling frustrated for 20+ years at the lack of a diet that was truly built to work with the human body to create amazing health and well-being, I looked at everyone in the room thinking, “somebody else, please do this, so I don’t have to do it”. I did not want to do it, but it just wasn’t there. I could not find a diet to recommend to people that they follow to find good health and well-being. So essentially, over a long period of time, I sat down and designed a diet that truly works from the ground up to get along and cooperate with your body and to give your body what it needs from food to get you the results that you’re looking for — improved health and well-being, something you can follow sustainably as a lifestyle, not some short-term gimmicky diet.

In fact, I hate the very word “diet” because people assume that it’s going to be some short-term thing, right? People often think to themselves, “I’m going to go on a diet for two weeks or two months”. “I’m going to do this weird thing that’s not my ‘real-life’ to try achieving some little, short-lived improvement, and then I’m going to go back to whatever I was doing before that wasn’t working for me.” And that’s heartbreaking. So that’s why I believe that most diets are just abusive practices. They’re self-abusive practices that we step into again and again.

Food is More Than Calories and Macros

From a biological perspective, food is about one thing. I know that some foods are really fun to eat, and I know that eating becomes a big part of our social experiences, but the biological reason that we as humans eat in the first place is just to deliver nutrition to our bodies. Because when you think about it, everything we need in our physical being can only enter our system through one pathway — what we put in our mouth.

If we want to accomplish any health and beauty results with our physical bodies, like good hormonal health, lots of energy, stabilized mood, or beautiful skin; the only place to get the tools that will allow that to happen is in what we’re eating, and that is nutrition. Our bodies simply need nutrition. It needs protein, it needs fats, it needs carbohydrates, and it needs a wide array of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, phytochemicals (plant nutrients). All of these things are fundamental building blocks that our bodies need to function properly and healthily in the way that it was designed to do.

When we know that diet is really just about nutrition and what we eat is simply about delivering nutrition to our bodies, the only thing that makes sense to focus on when we’re looking at what and how we should eat, is what provides the most nutrition that is ideally suited for human health. And that’s precisely what VitaVore is about. It’s not about some weird gimmick, telling you that “if you eat carbohydrates, they’re going to damage everything in your body and you’ll never get where you want to be” because those things are flat-out not true. Those things are just marketing gimmicks that are very compelling when we don’t know where else to turn for an answer.

You Don’t Have to Starve Yourself to Lose Weight or to Be Healthy

There’s something really cool that happens within our bodies when we prioritize the nutrition or quality of our food above everything else, and all of those other goofy things that go along with diets that you’re used to expecting, don’t matter anymore.

So with VitaVore, since we’re obsessively focused on making sure you’re eating predominantly (not excessively) highly nutritious foods, you don’t have to count calories. I don’t care what calories you eat, and you don’t have to count them. You don’t have to weigh your food. You don’t have to measure your food. You don’t have to count macros. ‘White-knuckling it’ to stick to the program does not exist in VitaVore because none of those abusive dietary practices are part of the diet.

All VitaVore does, is focus intently on supplying your body with foods that are most attuned to providing optimal human health. When doing so, you can eat when you’re hungry. Yep! That’s your new guideline. How outlandish is it to say that “if you’re hungry, eat something” and “when you’re full, stop”? That’s it. That’s all you need to do.

Once You Stop Fighting Your Body, You Will See Big Results Almost Instantly

What a lot of people don’t know is that your body actually has the ability to monitor the nutritional makeup of food as it leaves your stomach into your gut. So if you eat lifeless garbage foods or follow weird diet plans that give you the bulk of something but don’t have the actual nutrition that your body needs, you’ll feel full for an hour. However, once that food moves out of your stomach, your body looks at it and goes: “Where are my vitamins?” “Where’s my carbohydrate?” “Where’s my fiber?” When that nutrition is missing, your body turns the hunger back on and goes, “Hey, nice try. You ate a lot of food here, but it wasn’t the nutrition that I needed”. “Eat some more because I require specific nutrients so that I can do what I need to do to keep you healthy.”

Being told to eat when your hungry and stop when you’re full on a diet program may seem like a radical departure from what you’ve been told to believe in the past. But if you’re focusing on eating highly nutritious food, I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve said to thousands of people — I dare you to try to gain weight on highly nutritious food. It’s nearly impossible. Do you know how much broccoli and Alaskan salmon you’d have to eat to gain weight? I promise you don’t want to try because your body quickly figures out this is a nutritional powerhouse and signals, “I’m fine, I’m good. Don’t eat anymore.” You can’t really go past that point with your body.

That’s why VitaVore takes all the weight, stigma, emotional damage, and baggage that normally comes with fad and gimmick diets out of the picture for you. It presents you with the exact guidance you need to make sure you’re getting highly nutritious foods that your body craves and will enjoy eating, and then you don’t have to worry about it. You live your life, sustainably enjoying lasting, robust health and well-being from here forward.

Dr. Wallace Vigo Nelson

M'lis CEO & Creator of VitaVore Diet
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