Your Collagen Supplement Is A Scam

Collagen has become a real hot ticket item, especially for beauty nutrition, and we’re beginning to see more and more of it being sold on the market today. However, most collagen products are a complete scam and won’t deliver you any of the results that you’re looking for. Because of this, we want to spend a few minutes with you today, talking about how you can make sure that your product is not a scam, and learn what to look for in collagen products so they can make a massive difference in the results that you’re getting with your skincare.

Internal vs. External Collagen

When done correctly, beauty nutrition is quite possibly the most crucial thing that you can do with your skincare. Skincare is far and beyond what we’re topically putting onto our skin. As we always say, beauty is so much more than skin deep. Being able to get into the skin and provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to make a difference can be the biggest mover of the needle, the most significant agent of change within your skincare, and collagen truly does play a huge role in that.

Collagen is massively important with your skincare because it adds structure to your skin. Adding plumpness and fullness to the skin can absolutely be achieved with collagen. However, doing anything to add collagen topically is a losing gambit. It’s not a high percentage way to deliver collagen into the cells, which leaves us going internally to ensure we’re delivering collagen deep into the cells.

Many people have finally caught on to all the great research, revealing how big of a game-changer it can be to add collagen internally to your beauty routine. Thus, more and more companies are putting collagen supplement products out on the market. However, due to lack of knowledge for them personally or because they’re good marketers but not good product formulators, we see more and more crappy collagen making their way to the market. Even bad collagen products aren’t cheap. For this, we want to ensure that you’re not wasting your money on something that is not going to provide you with the result that you need.

Only One Collagen “Type” Produces Skin Results

There are several sources of collagen, such as marine, bovine, and chicken. Additionally, there are various “types” of collagen, but in all those collagens there is only one single type that does most of the heavy lifting and is far, far more valuable than other types of collagen combined.

We often see companies market collagen products advertising the fact that they have ten different types of collagen. Usually, as consumers, we subscribe to the belief that more is better, right? Why would we want one type of collagen when we can get ten types of collagen? It seems like a better deal, but the simple truth is — it’s not.

The Lowdown on Hydrolyzed Collagen II

The critical piece of collagen that you need to look for in your collagen supplements is a form called “hydrolyzed collagen II.” Hydrolyzed collagen II has a unique ability that no other collagen possesses. When ingested, it will travel within your body, and make its way to your skin cells as a complete collagen protein.

Clinical studies have been performed by radioactively tagging hydrolyzed collagen II proteins, having somebody consume them, and scanning the body to see those complete collagen proteins show up in their skin cells. The only collagen that has been proven to do this is hydrolyzed collagen II. They cannot make that happen by radio-tagging any other type of collagen; every other collagen act just as a protein.

Marketers Passing Rubies off as Diamonds

When we break collagen down into a nutritional category — it’s not fat, it’s not a carbohydrate, it’s a protein. Think of the different types of proteins you consume, such as collagen, whey, eggs, or steak, like amino acid “lego pieces.” When you eat and digest these proteins, your body will use these amino acid lego pieces to rebuild many different things in your body. They can be used to rebuild hormones, new muscles from the gym, or cells in your organs, to name a few.

The chances of consuming various types of collagen and having them show up as a complete collagen protein in your skin are next to zero. Consuming different types of collagen is simply a bulk provision of amino acids, and you can get those same exact results by using a whey protein. However, people are being tricked into thinking there getting something special out of it when they aren’t. Our recommendation is to watch for collagen supplements formulated using hydrolyzed collagen II. While there’s some nutritional protein benefit from other collagens, none of them compare in value to hydrolyzed collagen II.

Imagine if somebody was selling a giant handful of high-value diamonds. Those diamonds are like hydrolyzed collagen II. If someone was selling a giant handful of mixed variety gemstones, there might be a high-value diamond in there. However, it’s highly likely that there will be a whole bunch of rubies, sapphires, and so forth. Nobody would ever pretend to believe that the handful of mixed lower value gemstones was worth as much as a handful of pure diamonds. However, that’s what’s happening with your collagen! So, the next time you see a collagen product marketed as “this is an excellent product because we’ve got all these different types of collagen”, think of the fact that somebody’s trying to pass off rubies and sapphires as diamonds. Please don’t fall for it, because the value is much, much lower. Look for the diamonds. Look for hydrolyzed collagen II.

What Else Should You Look For in a High-Quality Collagen Supplement?

The other considerations that we want to look for is how much collagen is in a product. You can determine its potency by looking at the ingredients listed to ensure the type of collagen is indeed hydrolyzed collagen II and by checking the nutritional facts panel to see what the protein claims are.

Often we see marketers claiming that they have a great collagen product while the nutrition facts panel shows that it contains 1½ – 2 grams of protein, meaning there’s not much collagen in that formula at all. While it may look and taste good, it’s probably formulated with mostly flavor, fillers, and junk like that.

M’lis Radiance contains a full five grams of hydrolyzed collagen II. We don’t know of anything else on the planet that will do that for you. It is a large dose! You may see 8-10 grams of collagen found in junky products. However, nothing that we’ve ever seen with only hydrolyzed collagen II comes anywhere close to the potency of collagen that’s being delivered with M’lis Radiance.

Antinutrients are natural or synthetic compounds that interfere with the absorption of nutrients and can take you in the opposite direction of what you’re trying to accomplish with your collagen products. So, our last piece of advice is to take a look at the ingredients of your collagen and red-flag junky anti-nutrients, such as added sugars, chemical sweeteners, artificial flavors, and artificial colors.

See & Feel a Difference in Your Skin

We’ve done the hard work for you to make sure everything is scientifically in place and working correctly within the body to unlock the powerful health benefits of collagen. M’lis Radiance will make a difference in your skin, and make a difference that is unreachable in any other fashion. It will provide the absolute top-quality nutrients using the best ingredients to make sure that you can see the results in your skin.

We’ve had testimonials come back with people using this product for 1-2 weeks who say that it’s been a literal life-changer not only in their hair, skin, and nails but their joints as well. It has now become apart of their daily regimen, and that’s precisely what we would recommend for you, is to make sure this is something you’re using daily to supply your body with all of the benefits that collagen provides in health and beauty.

Dr. Wallace Vigo Nelson

M'lis CEO & Creator of VitaVore Diet
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