In this short period of time, a new level of vitality and health can be reached and maintained for a lifetime. Although it is impossible to completely rid the body of Candida and other yeasts, it is vital to restore proper balance of yeast and friendly bacteria within the body. In order to achieve this balance and to teach you how to keep yeast under control the M’lis Candida Program was created. Through an effective balance of dietary changes, nutritional support, and the increase of friendly bacteria, yeasts can be brought under control within 30-60 days.

The M’lis Candida Program focuses primarily on 3 steps:


  • Detoxification
  • A yeast free diet
  • Nutritional supplementation


Detoxificaion – Just as is the case with any lifestyle change, a total cleanse of the system is the first step to improved health. The liver, bowels, kidneys, and the blood supply will all be purified, peristaltic action of the colon will be restored, and immune function will improve.


A yeast-free diet will help reduce Candida to a non-threatening level. Candida grows and lives on Candida promoting foods you eat, and it is absolutely critical to eliminate these Candida friendly foods and strengthen the immune system to rid the body of this debilitating condition. This is a strict dietary regimen for the course of the Candida Program.


Proper nutritional supplementation will ensure immune system strength and healthy body function. Formulations that are specific to this program are a multivitamin/multimineral,essential fatty acids, and friendly bacteria to restrict the growth of yeast and infection while assisting in digestion.

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